Pathways to Leadership®

Our award-winning program delivers 2 Years in 3 Days: We promise your leaders will unify to one team in what would normally take two years to accomplish.

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Pathways to Leadership equips leaders in the context of their teams to live and lead at their highest potential. Teams will function as one, cohesive unit capable of sustainably delivering immediate and meaningful results for the business.

Ideal For

  • Intact Teams
  • Newly Formed Teams
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Leadership Teams

I see Pathways to Leadership as a gift to individuals in the organization. It brings together the company [values] and leadership [behaviors] and brings them alive with practical approaches to interact every day. It is a mind shift and changes people’s lives both inside and outside of work. It truly gives people the skills to be their best every day.

Kim Riddle

Director HHC Engineering, P&G

Program Overview

  • Executive 80%
  • Senior Leaders 97%
  • Mid-Level Leaders 88%

Number of Participants:

  • Up to 20 participants per session (plus 2 graduate leaders if applicable)

Number of Weeks


  • 3-5 virtual interviews with the facilitator and key leaders to set expectations, build affinity and refine focus for the program launch
  • Pre-session survey and light pre-work for participants
  • 3-day in-person, facilitator-led launch session followed by 10 weeks sustainability
  • 2-day in-person, facilitator-led mastery session followed by 8 weeks sustainability
  • Sustainability includes: Access to Wavemaker,the VerusGlobal Virtual Learning Experience; Weekly peer-led, facilitator-supported, small group meetings; A capstone meeting at the close of the program


  • Common language,an increased ability to effectively communicate,a shared one-team mindsetand alignmenton the team’s business imperative(s)
  • Equipped with the full suite of VerusGlobal tools thatwhen put into practice enable greater self-awareness, increasedempathy and strongerrelationships that result in higher levels of trust
  • Improved ability to shift focus and energy towards what matters most
  • Equipped with the seven steps of the Do Big Things Framework (as outlined in the book, Do Big Things) and an understanding of how to leverage to accelerate results

“Verus Global had a significant impact on the transformational change [our division has] achieved (output, speed, employee retention, engagement surveys) over the past 4 years. I do not believe we would have achieved anything close to what we did without the Pathways to Leadership tools and the additional help the Verus Global team provided to over 100 of our associates since 2013.”

Ahmet Tezel

Surgical Franchise Head R&D, Alcon

The Pathways to Leadership Process has been extremely valuable to our team members, both personally and professionally.

Pat Silva

VP Human Resources, Supherb Farms

“I … have seen 1st-hand the commitment to transformation that Verus enables. While the pressure on my immediate team has not reduced (some would say that it has increased), my team’s potential and greatness has been unlocked and we are delivering in spite of the many challenges that we face and I can say without a doubt that our success can be linked to our learnings gained through the Pathways to Leadership Process.

Michael Nelson

VP of Manufacturing (Baking & Foods), Nestle'