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It’s Marching Madness

Warning! In case you missed it: March moves us into the habit-forming phase of 2017. The repeated actions of each team member are becoming what this year will forever be. Are you cool with how the team is showing up?

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Remember Where You Came From

But not if it means being the same person you always were. When allegiance to a history mutates into a requirement that we think and act as we always did, death of a greater future is certain.

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Respect Is Not Enough To Succeed

If I respect you it means: I listen to what you say, though I may not do anything with what I hear. I acknowledge you have unique skills and different ideas, but do little to develop them further. I may fear you, and disengage to protect myself. If I care about you it...

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Go Beyond Engagement

Gallup recently released its 2017 findings from their seminal work on employee engagement in the American workplace.  Once again, the percentage of employees who report being “engaged” is 33%. This number is disappointing and has barely changed over the past decade....

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