Thrive Seamlessly

Move From Deficient Cross-Functionality and
Increase Your Steady Speed of Achievement

You have a plan. Now go further and faster, together.


Transform outcomes with mobilized hearts and minds, a common language and empowered, connected colleagues.

Break Barriers to

Align a group through candid discussions that construct agreements and clarity to shared objectives (or resolve destructive conflict to achieve priorities faster).

Develop Daily

Certify Connectors to develop the disciplines of steady speed across your organization.

Increase Your Steady Speed of Achievement

Steady is healthy. Steady is predictable.

Our clients increase their steady speed of achievement by developing the daily disciplines of:



Based upon research of 410 companies across 8 industries,

highly aligned 
organizations grow revenue 58% faster.

Organizational Alignment Research Model. LSA Global, September 2022.

As a result of a Verus Global engagement, our clients experience...

0 %

increased frequency of alignment.

0 %

operating in strong or
deep alignment.

0 %

of participants increase collaborative leadership skills.

The truth is in the heart. The proof is in the numbers.

We work wherever organizations must thrive seamlessly.

32 years of refining solutions
38 countries
29 industries

Some of our trusted clients and partners.

Changing behaviors is not an intellectual exercise.
It's the business of the heart.

Our clients trust us to be disciplined and accountable to the requirements of excellence, including:

Did You Know?

Employees of highly aligned organizations are 16.8-to-1 more engaged than their counterparts in non-aligned organizations?*
Organizational Alignment Research Model. LSA Global, September 2022.

“I admit, the Alignment Calculator revealed a blind spot in my leadership.
I’m evolving how we think about engagement.”
– EVP at an International Bank

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The Alignment Accelerator exercise is a 2- to 4-hour tailored engagement for qualified leadership teams who need to see proof that they can rapidly align their organization before investing in our proven methods.

Predict Your Group's Speed of Achievement

The Alignment Calculator is a simple, one-minute, scientifically valid and reliable method to assess the strength of your team's alignment to objectives.

Talk with an expert to see if your team qualifies for a gifted application of the Alignment Calculator.

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