Letting go of a single balloon

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Let go. (But how?)


The leaders in the room were facing a fierce storm of complexity. I asked them, “What’s your best advice for “letting go?” Here’s what they said:


1) Determine the outcome you seek.

2) Trust and thrive in the diversity of each day.

3) Build a culture that allows you to counter your fears and break barriers.

4) Empower others – but first equip them.

5) Quit fooling yourself: No one can control it all.

6) Focus on the benefit of letting go.

7) If we don’t let go, what’s the unspoken message to others?

8) Use the 80/20 Rule.

9) Make “letting go” a team priority.

10) Practice!


Being “overwhelmed” can tempt us to choose exhaustion. Those who achieve choose to innovate.


What are you going to let go of today?



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