Photo Credit: Martin Wippel via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Martin Wippel via Compfight cc

(Caution: This is a trick question.)

How many of your teammates make you better: stronger as a contributor, faster in your delivery, improved in the quality of work you do?

Does 10% of your team have this effect on you? 50%? 100%?

Spend an hour with any team, and you can feel whether or not they are a high-performing team. Those that function at peak levels exhibit a mutual respect among teammates that is profound. In many cases there’s an admiration, a realization of unique value.

Average teams are comprised of individuals hoping they get put on a team of talent they can hold in esteem. The extraordinary see their teammates in ways that amplify their brilliance.

In other words, how we answer the above question says more about us than those with whom we are teamed with.

Here’s to 100%.




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