1. Some leaders speak up for what they believe is right and pay a price…or they don’t speak up and pay a price. (Which price do you want to pay?)

2. Some people wait to see what happens. Others make things happen.

3. A team either innovates…or uses the innovations of others.

4. Accountability can’t be delegated successfully. It is a choice.

5. Some leaders express themselves – and some leaders spend their time making judgements of others.

6. Realizing and activating the potential in every interaction of every day changes everything. (Are we doing this? Do we know how to do this?)


7. When a person tells a lie, they reveal a truth about who they are.


8. Manipulation is a sick form of control. Where are we ready to relinquish the need for things to go “our way”?


9. Either customers feel truly listened to – or not. There’s no “maybe.”


10. Today’s routines are tomorrow’s habits. (Are we working our plan?)


11. Every interaction either builds a partnership…or tarnishes an idea of what could be.


12. An illusion: That an organization can sustain momentum by squeezing more out of its people. Releasing potential remains rare and more successful.


13. What’s the difference between working for a company that has one purpose – to make money – and a company that has “soul?”



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Activate Your Greatness.

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