1. What is our level of confidence our plan will succeed?
  2. What one thing would have to happen to give us more confidence?
  3. Does our plan ensure we become stronger in alignment, collaboration and trust as we execute?
  4. What aspects of our plan are leveraged against factors outside of our control? (And do we have contingency plans in those areas?)
  5. Can the success of our plan be measured by one metric?
  6. Does our proposal assume that all stakeholders will prioritize our plan? If so, what’s our plan to ensure they do?
  7. Have we incorporated actions to support stakeholders who may be resistant to change?
  8. Is our plan aligned with the plans of peers in other functions? (If not, our planning isn’t done yet.)
  9. Does our plan include a process for full, free, two-way information flow?
  10. Have we agreed upon the data we’ll use to make decisions?
  11. Do our methods for problem solving include the identification of the right problems?
  12. Will the employee experience become enriched while they execute the plan?
  13. What’s our plan to ensure each employee has an even stronger relationship with their family by the time we finish our plan?
  14. How will we be thinking, feeling and acting when we’re succeeding?
  15. What do we agree we will do when we feel as though another team member isn’t being accountable to the plan?
  16. What does it look like for us to be agile when executing our plan?
  17. Have we incorporated into our plan methods for evaluating and determining priority actions?
  18. Rather than selling the plan, do we know how we will ensure ownership at all levels of the organization?
  19. Do we have the culture to drive speed in truth-telling in a way that builds stronger bonds between us?
  20. Are we certain we know what the customer says about our plan?
  21. Are we excited about this plan?

The execution of plans is a social process. Do our 2021 plans connect people to purpose, one another and what matters most? (If they do, our competitors who are stuck in top-down leadership approaches cannot copy our plans.)

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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