Family in the snow

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There will be a moment in the days ahead when your fingers will twitch and you’ll want to do it: Reach for your smart phone and check. Your mind will race: There’s no good reason for me to look at the blasted thing. The office is closed!


In that moment you’ll look at your child or your aging mom or dad, and you’ll make a better choice.


There will be a moment over the course of this Holiday Season when things go seemingly out of control. Emotions will rise, conflict will erupt and you’ll wonder: How dare they act like that! We don’t tolerate such behavior at the office – why should we tolerate it here? You’ll be tempted to step in and command.


In that moment, you’ll see the bigger picture and forgive.


There will be a moment after one celebration leads to another when you’ll eat too much, and do too little. This is the antithesis of the hard-working achiever you know yourself to be. I’m so disappointed. I’ve done nothing constructive these past days!


In that moment you’ll laugh at yourself. Then, you’ll remember that rest, and joy, and rich relationships are a requisite for productivity in the year ahead.


Our entire Verus Global family is honored to have spent important moments with you in 2013. We wish you and yours a momentous and peaceful Holiday Season!




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