It’s shocking: 9 in 10 organizations have employees that are “cracking” while on the job. Once considered a luxury for those in the C-suite, crack addicts are now found everywhere. “Work-Place-Crack is one of the leading causes of business failures,” reports a researcher in Colorado. “You can find addicts nearly everywhere – and few people are doing anything about it.”

Using Work-Place-Crack has become so common, many business leaders accept the behavior as normal. Consequently, this “elephant in the office” has earned the nickname “The Silent Results Killer.”

Work-Place-Crack is the freebase form of the highly addictive substance with the street name of CTA, or Can’t-Take-Accountability. Initially, employees use the crack approach because of the intense pleasure they derive from avoiding responsibility. But like any addictive substance, increased amounts of the approach or behavior are required to achieve the high.

These are the top three signs you’ve got a crack addict on your team:

1) The person cracks when it’s time to make a decision. Every decision means change. This means risk is involved. The resulting pressure can be too much – thus the employee “cracks” and avoids making decisions.

2) They crack when events or results don’t go their way. Like a child in a candy store who isn’t allowed to put their hands on anything, some employees “crack” when they don’t get their way. Their emotional cracks ensure this person is doomed to a future of failure as their focus will not allow them to see the opportunities that lie in every situation.

3) Employees crack when they misinterpret outcomes as failures. Instead of seeing every outcome as an invitation to learn and move forward, these addicts see failure – and crack and quit.

And now the most horrific fact of all: In an effort to eradicate the use of Work-Place-Crack, most organizations actually perpetuate and increase its use!

In next week’s blog we’ll explore the three steps things bosses are doing to create Work-Place-Crack addicts – and the proven method used to eliminate this elephant in the office, this “silent results killer.”

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