cultural decline, performance spectrum

Every organization “misses,” occasionally, when it comes to prioritizing the treatment and experience of their employees. People are forgiving, however. Consider this a “stage 1” infraction: employees notice, but they trust things will improve in their numbers-via-people culture.

Things become more serious, though, when the transgressions of numbers-over-people offenders consistently wins the focus of the company. Now, visitors, potential hires and customers can smell the dysfunction. This is a stage 2 calamity, a journey from great to good.

Stage 3 disasters occur when employees, and the culture they function in, have been chronically neglected. Now, employees and customers suffer in extreme ways: lives are changed or lost.

Why write about the effects of cultural decline? Because: Every interaction of every day matters. The work culture you operate in is either dying or becoming stronger.

It’s that simple. Your actions count.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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