It is too early to say “Wait for the holidays. Then I’ll get my energy back.” Besides, the truth remains: The energy you feel you lack you have chosen to give away.

Three of the most significant ways people give away their priceless energy – and how to get yours back:

1. Sustained anger at the way things or people are. Reminder: Other people or events are not the problem. It is your response to the acts of others or events that drains you of your energy. When you refuse to blame others for ruining your day you declare to others “I am in control.”

2. “I don’t have enough time.” Reminder: You have as much time as everyone else. What you mean to say is, “The thing you/I wish to do is not a priority for me.” By taking responsibility for the choices you make you regain the power – and energy – you have always possessed.

3. “We’re doomed.” Choosing to be a victim remains your choice. (As mom and dad said, “Just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t mean you have to.”) Betting on yourself – better yet, humanity – is an important step towards taking action. And when you act, you create the evidence needed to say, “I believe.”

You are experiencing what you created. Focus: Choose the experience that builds the energy you desire.

(We need you.)



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