There’s a looming fight – and you may be the focus point.


The “war for talent” is on. With baby boomers scheduling their mass exodus from the workplace, unemployment rates inching down, and innovation the clarion call, companies are competing for top talent.


Acquiring talent is key. And the inspired add, “How do we retain – and better yet – activate the talent we already have?” What if some managers are participating in a war for problem talent?


Here’s what that can look like: Even though we know we’ll get a greater return on our resources by supporting and developing our top talent, it’s the ‘tyranny of the urgent,’ the personnel that call us to crisis  – the problem talent – that can consume precious hours.


Where are we spending most of our time?


– With the employee who didn’t deliver expected results – or the one who’s pleasing the customer most effectively?

– Talking about the manager who constantly irritates his peers – or the one who collaborates effectively across functions?
– Discussing those who generate chaos – or those who lead forward with clarity?


Because we go in the direction of our focus, a spotlight on problem talent may submit us to a war for the wrong talent. While addressing employees who are making things difficult is essential, top talent deserves and warrants a focus that inspires and compels them to stay. It’s worth asking the team: Regarding our talent, what primary focus will accelerate performance the most?


We’ve created a space for sharing your thoughts about focusing on top talent. Please share your comments below.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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