Whether it’s a 4th of July celebration in the U.S. or a World Cup Soccer party you’re attending this weekend, there are certain leadership lessons you’ll want to keep in mind. Do these – and you may not want the party to end:


#1 When you’re standing in the back yard having a cold one and the other person says, “Hey, I think I hear someone calling for me,” this is a good indication you’re probably talking too much about yourself. Barbecue Survival Lesson: Ask questions of the person you’re hanging with, such as, “What’s new since we were here together last year?” or “What are you enjoying most about…?”

#2 Undoubtedly, there’ll be someone show up who’s loud and obnoxious – at least more so than you. It may be tempting to roll your eyes and let others know what you really think. But why spoil a good party? Barbecue Survival Lesson: Low Road comments say more about us than the people we’re talking about. Besides, the person making noise wants to be great; so what if it’s not our version of great. Fan the flames of fun, and watch what happens to your own experience.

#3 Your cousin Louie will probably show. (Or some other distant relative.) He’ll tell jokes that make your nose crinkle, and end up asking you for a loan, too. Barbecue Survival Lesson: Family is family, and messin’ with it only leads to regrets. Acceptance is the name of the game; it’s not about changing Louie – it’s about changing how we see him.

#4 And be ready! That could be your boss that just showed up. So relax: It’s helpful to remember that they’re human, too. You may be behind on the numbers they’re waiting for, but now is not the time for that. Barbecue Survival Lesson: Put yourself in their flip-flops and talk about what they want to talk about. (See survival lesson #1 above: Ask questions!) It’s a fact: People who have strong relationships with one another – work better together. Skip the spread-sheet conversation, and talk Barbecue.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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