Want to shock some people around you this week? Consider:


It’s easy to be grateful for things that make your life easier, better or more enjoyable. (“I’m grateful for my family…and the roof over my head…”) Inspired people and leaders, however, are exceptional in their acts because they look difficulty and inertia in the face – and find the foundation for progress.


They do this by focusing on and celebrating even the most confounding circumstances, because they know such obstacles are levers when used effectively.


This week, surprise those around you by celebrating the uncommon (some may even call it “crazy”):

1)      Inform that person whom you’ve spent the last 12 months disagreeing with…that you’re grateful they’re on the team. The way they challenge your thinking is creating greater ideas.


2)      Tell your customer you appreciate their unflagging demand for quality…because they require you to go to a new level of service.


3)      Inform your neighbor that you’re grateful for their different political perspectives…because the contrast in ideas has the potential to deliver something greater than any mono-idea culture could create.


4)      Write an email to the first boss who had the guts to fire you…and thank them for the lessons you’ve learned since those dark days.


5)      And sincerely thank the complaining family member for coming to the turkey dinner. Their incessant whining about how bad life is reinforces your level of awareness and how good you really have it. (You may opt to not tell them why you’re grateful they joined you.)


As demonstrated in our new book, Degrees of Strength – The Innovative Technique to Accelerate Greatness, extraordinary acts begin with powerful focus. Inspired leaders are not conditional in their gratitude. They give thanks without discriminating against the elements in their life which require they improve.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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