team successThe calendar may be “new” but nothing changes unless we change. Objectives and budgets may all be fresh, but a total of zero outcomes are improved unless we improve.
It only becomes a different year when we do things different, or better, then we did in the last. Here are 5 questions the best teams answer first, before the year is another day old:
1) Do we know why each of us are motivated to deliver the plan? (So we can reinforce throughout the year.)
2) Have we clearly identified what we will do differently than last year to have a greater impact on the business?
3) In what ways are we prepared to adapt to unforeseen (and possibly ugly) circumstances in Q2 and Q3?
4) How will we reinforce and strengthen our vision for what success looks like throughout the year?
5) What will we do to earn trust and empowerment from peers within the organization?
12 months from now there will be teams that will wish they’d done something different on this day. By asking better questions, we don’t have to be one of those teams.
This is the year your team does big things.
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Activate Your Greatness.

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