Photo Credit: Isaac Viel via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Isaac Viel via Compfight cc

You work hard to contribute to your team’s success and expect to be rewarded by the thrill of the team’s achievement. Yet, just like a frequent-flyer rewards program, some teams experience high-performance black-out dates: No matter how hard you toil, periods of time exist where success is unattainable.


You can eliminate your team’s performance black-out dates by being aware of the 5 common errors made by mediocre teams:


– Instead of appreciating the contributions of peers, teammates don’t value each other.

– Rather than working with a leader, there’s no meaningful relationship with the boss.

– As an alternative to having one goal, success is defined in multiple ways.

– Instead of personalizing the driving force behind actions, “what motivates people” is assumed or imposed.

– Rather than driving transparency as a norm for all, information essential for doing a job well is a currency gained by positional status.


It’s virtually impossible for a team to realize its potential if any of the conditions above exist.


Do you have high-performance black-out dates? If so, what action will your team take to establish another day on the calendar when success can be achieved?


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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