team decisionsMaking great changes can require a big agenda. More often than not, however, change can be accomplished without significant resources when we swallow our fear (gulp) and activate the courage we have within.
Here are the 7 Big Gulp Moments for every team to master in order to deliver an agenda of change:
1. We must speak up and state our version of the truth, particularly when there are people with greater authority in the room.
2. We must honor and respect the truths others share. And then solicit even more alternative and diverse perspectives. (Double gulp!)
3. We must admit when we make a mistake (triple gulp!), model accountability, and adapt.
4. We must make decisions even when we know others disagree with us. (Serious gulp.)
5. We must make decisions even when we know there’s a chance we could fail. (Yikes! Mega gulp!)
6. We must celebrate those who dared to take action and failed, then leveraged the learning.
7. We must model a brilliant character by supporting the actions of teammates who have swallowed their fear and made decisions of which we disagree.
To win, we must.
We can.

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