1. Never travel coast-to-coast in a car with people who define personal hygiene differently than you.
  2. Think twice (perhaps three times) before entering into wedlock with someone only because they’re attractive or have lots of money.   
  3. Don’t raft down the Grand Canyon with people who think safety is optional.
  4. Never lend money to family members. (Unless you’re okay with never seeing the cash again.)
  5. End the hyperbole: Owning a pet dog is not adequate preparation for having a child. It’s just not.
  6. Resist the ageless temptation of putting smart people in a room expecting them to act smartly. (IQ is not EQ.)
  7. Never, ever expect a team to execute a strategy or plan without developing the team members’ ability to connect as humans and function in inspired ways.

As humans, most of us at some point in our lives have proven culpable of dreaming big, without the ability to act bigger. Right now, you can tell which teams have elevated odds of doing big things in 2018. All you have to do is look at their plan. Most teams attempt to execute their strategies by merely identifying what people should do.  Few take the step of equipping their team members with the ability to think and act in ways necessary to win. Those who do, win.

What’s in your plan?



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