The summer vacation season is upon us in the northern hemisphere. Families and friends are off to visit extraordinary places and people they don’t usually see: The Roman Colosseum, the Grand Canyon, extended family in Paris, cousins in Singapore or siblings in New York.

These experiences are extraordinary because we don’t experience them on a daily basis. Given that definition, we can say that many professionals go sight-seeing every day at work.

A sight-seer at work is someone who experiences an event during their day that isn’t normal. Employees at many companies have souvenirs from these seven extra ordinary experiences:

  1. A systemic approach to developing the work culture
  2. A diverse workforce that is activated and included
  3. An environment of candor
  4. Employees empowered to make decisions
  5. Essential data shared transparently
  6. Teams that are aligned from planning through execution
  7. Collaboration where power flows to ideas instead of people

Your team can visit the extraordinary – or be extraordinary. As with a vacation, the choice in how you spend your time is yours.

Some people live where others vacation. What will your team normalize next?



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