Photo Credit: ilmungo via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ilmungo via Compfight cc


(With apologies to our friends in the southern hemisphere.)


You’re an achiever. You’re conditioned to drive for results. While on vacation with family, the same leadership approach used at the office might find you driving home disappointed. Before you jump in the family van, shift gears by answering these questions – and ensure your summer vacation is best ever.


1)      Am I prepared to let go of expectations I have for how others act (or even the degree to which they enjoy the vacation)?

2)      In between the amusement park and family reunion, am I ready to seize the “ordinary” moments when magic happens?

3)      What do I want those I love to remember: Where we went? Or, what we experienced?

4)      What percentage of time do I want my family to experience me as “unplugged”?

5)      What “to-do” list am I planning for my time away…that I can shorten (or do without) so I can experience life without lists?

6)      How do I define a successful vacation?

7)      What is my greatest motivation for adapting my driving leadership style – and make this the best summer vacation ever?


It’s not lost on high performers: Being your best on vacation is a key to being your best when you return to work. But this vacation isn’t for shareholders or customers, it’s for you. The choice of whether you enjoy it remains yours.




Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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