• “I don’t exercise often. That way, when I do workout, it doesn’t take long to get my pulse up.”
  • “I don’t wear a mask because I don’t have any symptoms.”
  • “We can see the obvious. Why can’t they?”
  • “She’s a woman, therefore…”
  • “I’m color blind.” (Check out Robin DiAngelo’s poignant words on this)
  • “I’ll take the high road when they treat me with respect.”
  • “I know the answer.”

These are senseless things I’ve heard myself think. I’m not proud of them. And, they were earlier thoughts that evolved into thinking that has gotten me where I am today. (What are yours?)

Thoughts, of course, are best invested in when they advance us towards being a better expression of ourselves. To defiantly believe today what we thought was true yesterday is to declare ourselves done and no longer an active participant in making things better.

Worth considering: If we’re not busy challenging our own thoughts then we should thank others for doing so.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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