1. You have fewer meetings. Authentic human connections drive information flow at the speed of relationships, requiring less dedicated spaces on the calendar.

2. People tell the truth faster. Team members care so much about others they insist on sharing essential data and perspectives quickly.

3. The “remote” vs “in-person” debate is irrelevant. Some team members prefer to be co-located; others want to work remotely. No matter: Everyone focuses on being human and operating on purpose. (Reminder: Mandates do not attract employees; humanity and community do.)

4. Friendships may (or may not) exist. Respect, however, persists. Team members do not force the need to like each other – instead they focus on supporting one another.

5. Trust is granted. “We need more time together” is no longer a requisite for having confidence in others. Team members begin the day having already answered the question of “Can I trust you?”

6. Better decisions are made. Collaboration fuels the creation of the new knowledge that differentiates the organization.

7. Fewer people attend meetings. Connected team members know that inclusion does not mean including everyone in every decision made. Value is created in many ways.

P.S. How do you quickly build a more connected team? I’m looking forward to exploring the answer to that question in our next live Activation Session. Join us on October 26 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern for 50-minutes of “how-to” so your team can break through the barriers ahead. Click here to save your spot (you’ll also get the recording).



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