A crisis is a powerful force for bringing us together. This week, we mark the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. As a call-to-action for us, it ranks near the top globally.


There’s a hidden lesson. When something horrific happens, we as humans set aside our differences and rally as one. It happens in organizations: When a plant is at risk of being shuttered or a customer is in danger of being lost, we go “all in” to do whatever it takes to ensure we survive.


The lesson?


Quit waiting. The most effective teams don’t wait for disasters to be “all in” for their cause. They use everyday moments as their call-to-action, by building and developing the qualities that make them more immune to catastrophes. The best leaders are all in early.

Is your office a repair shop – where you’re fixing projects, partnerships and poor performance? Or are you innovating and building the future – by developing people, partnerships and accelerated performance? (The breakthrough paradigm: The issue isn’t what matters. Leadership lies in how the issue is handled.)


Increasingly (and shockingly) conventional thinking goes: “I don’t have time to lead. I’m constantly fighting fires.” Really? Consider: The urgency we feel does not constitute a fire. The reality is the pace of business is faster – and resources are fewer (a function of a competitive market).


Why wait to do what’s necessary for success – when we can ensure victory today?


This week ask your team: Even in our most difficult moments, what does it look like to be “all in early”? What does it look like to develop the person, partnerships and accelerated performance in everyday moments?


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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