fire of inspired leadership

“I used to see you walk around here on fire,” a colleague tells another. “Now, you’re as small as a pilot light.”


Are you as inspired (as alive!) by your career and work as you once were?


The system will harden us if we allow. Some teammates succumb to behaviors we wouldn’t tolerate in our children. They manipulate, they play king, they lie, they brag, they deceive, they blame, they hide.


When such actions are displayed by the few we may begin to suspect the whole. We will be tempted to quit believing that the majority is virtuous. When we refuse to cave to such small thinking, we realize a greater potential within ourselves for leading productive change– and become a model for those who wish to do the same.


This is not an appeal for a blind idealism. It’s a call for courage over timidity: Take decided action with the few who choose not to participate with integrity, while retaining enthusiasm for the whole.


If you walk around as if you’re on fire, if you’re alive with the idea that most people want to do well for others, then we are with you.


Stay your course. Inspire us.


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Activate Your Greatness.

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