(This is an observation of the current political process, not a criticism of any particular party. All parties are culpable.)


We all see the conundrum: It’s in the best interest of the minority political party to not cooperate with the party in the majority. If the minority party works with the ruling party…the ruling party receives the credit for progress achieved. And if this were to happen, then the ruling party has an increased chance of getting re-elected. And the minority party remains a minority.


Sometimes leaders in business mimic this approach. “It’s in the best interest of my career goals for me not to include you in this meeting, because you will steal the spotlight I need.” Or, “I won’t endorse your ideas or project because that will deplete the resources I need for my initiative.” They may not say these things, but actions speak louder than words.


Here’s a question for your team that can activate the potential inherent in tomorrow: Are we willing to, and capable of, taking the “high road” – and not receiving credit for doing so? What does it look like to do the right thing even it if means others will “benefit” more than us?


Organizations that merely gather a ‘collection of people having careers’ will always lose to a group of people who have identified an interest, a purpose, greater than themselves. In this age of turmoil, what’s needed is even more ‘high road activism,’ where we take a stand for a culture of inclusiveness.


In the end, it’s the only way we can sustain a collective movement forward. And maybe (is the idea too radical?) we can shape the way politicians do business, too.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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