Some observed examples of irony:


– A 5-page document that describes how to simplify your work.
– PowerPoint presentations that instruct people on how to create engagement.
-Telling employees how important it is to listen to others.
-Emphasizing that the customer is the priority while allowing a dysfunctional team to provide the customer service.
-Believing that if we tell someone why we think something is important that we’ve tapped into their motivations.
-Assuming “more money” will inspire people.
-Measuring “engagement” under the illusion that engaged employees will engage those around them.
-Valuing collaboration, but insisting we can’t leave the meeting until everyone agrees.
-Taking responsibility by delaying a response so as to eliminate the risks inherent in action.
-Criticizing those who are “negative” because they slow the team down.


Accomplishing congruity between actions and values means you are leading true. Tighten the alignment between what you do, think and say – with what you sincerely want to accomplish – and integrity is yours.


Where’s your next opportunity to be true?


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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