Visionary leaders are often celebrated. But when they are honored is important to grasp: The accolades rain like confetti only after the vision has become a reality. The work that occurs prior, however, is rarely hailed and often criticized:

  • When you share your bold idea, few people will applaud. Instead, expect most to doubt your chances of success.
  • When you courageously take the first step toward your dream, few will say, “How can I help?” Rather, you will hear about the flaws in your plan.
  • When you initiate change, rather than joining you, people will retreat to positions of comfort.
  • When you ask for commitment from others, many will nod yes…while thinking no.
  • When you outline the rewards for change, most will argue for the perceived benefits gained from not changing at all.

You have a vision. You can see what is possible. Your foe is not the crowd dedicated to the status quo. The vision-killer resides only in you. Will you continue to believe when others tell you not to?

Without hesitation: Stay focused on the evidence that your vision for tomorrow is becoming a greater reality today.

P.S. Sue-Jean Lin is an award-winning visionary leader. You can get a glimpse of her wisdom on our next Collaborative Leader’s Huddle as we candidly answer the big question: what’s required to effectively enable a digital transformation. Sign up for the inspired discussion here.

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Activate Your Greatness.

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