Take this quick assessment that may reveal something shocking about where you work.

First, determine who the newest member of your team is. Let’s say it’s a man named Sam. Now ask: To what extent does Sam bring the same level of enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to excellence today in comparison to what he brought his first day on the job? Then ask: Now that Sam’s been on the team for while, is he more or less collaborative than he was on day one?

And here’s one more revealing question: Is the company and your team receiving Sam’s discretionary effort at the levels he originally came through the door with?

Some might think that these questions are designed to assess the capabilities of a colleague. And while it’s true that your answers may better ascertain Sam’s value to the organization, consider that such questions determine something more significant: the health of your work culture.

Just as the sun pulls the moisture out of a slice of bread left on the sidewalk, too many organizations hire top talent and then force them to function in work environments that zap the “first day freshness” out of them. Unuttered messages bombard the new employee: “That’s not the way we do it here.” “You are not recognized for extra efforts.” “You really don’t have a voice.”

Consider that while Sam is responsible for his attitude and behaviors, he can’t be entirely blamed for no longer functioning with the “all-in” enthusiasm he did on day one; research proves the culture he functions in has a profound effect on the person. Organizations that have high-performing teams understand this.

What you can do today:

  1. What actions will you take to create an environment that encourages others to function with the enthusiasm of their first day?
  2. What discipline will you demonstrate that reveals you’re even more “all-in” than you were on your first day?

(Besides, isn’t today the first day of the rest of your career, anyhow?)

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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