Does your ego impede or accelerate your team’s ability to get things done? To know, here’s a simple leadership ego test.

Use this 1 to 5 scale to grade your answer: 1 = Not at all, 2 = Somewhat, 3 = Occasionally, 4 = Often, and 5 = Always

Here’s your test question: Does the team you’re on make you better? (“Better,” meaning an improved person, leader, and teammate?) After you’ve graded your answer, use this key to determine the state of your ego:

5 = Healthy. Congratulations: Your sense of self, particularly in relationship to others, enables you to make meaningful and significant contributions to your team’s successes.

4 = Primed. You are at an important threshold: The next step in your development means the team will know it’s true potential.

3 = Dull. Your ambivalence regarding the value of the team is likely consistent with how team members feel about you: Your value is doubted.

2 = Unprofessional. Good news: You’ve just identified why your team regularly under performs.

1 = Vulgar. You have a dangerously over inflated image of yourself. Get help immediately.


How you value others determines your value to the team. The truth is, every person around you is here to support your growth.

And to be certain: Your ego is the most transparent part of your character. Everyone on your team already knows how well you scored on this ego test.

What score do you intend to get today?



Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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