Instantly, we have to work differently. Whether your team already operates virtually, or the format is new, there is a new distance between everyone.

You can count on some teammates succumbing to “what-if” fears as they scan the myriad scenarios of doom. As well, big questions loom: Can we be productive working virtually? Can we get things done during a crisis?

Your team needs your leadership right now. It’s a fact: The team that focuses in this moment creates a required foundation for productivity as we move into the unknown. To accomplish this, consider asking your team one question that will launch a discussion needed for the team to function with the shared and energized reality:

How do we need to operate in the coming months, so we become stronger as a team during this crisis?

The strength of your team should not (cannot) be in jeopardy during a crisis. Quite the contrary: This is when the team can and should reveal its true character.

Your team has what it takes to succeed. They only need you: Connect the behaviors of today to a reality we all want tomorrow.

P.S. During this period of acute change, we’re responding to requests for additional support by producing a series of really short, focused videos. They’re designed for collaborative leaders who need to energize teams around a new, shared reality. If you want to be on the distribution list – you can subscribe here. They’re free, because the world needs more good things to happen.

P.S.S. Thanks for caring about the collective. Stay home for a reason that’s bigger than any of us.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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