Some behaviors just don’t go together.


He had a reputation for demonstrating biting sarcasm that demotivated teammates. So, after some coaching sessions, when I observed this leader face new and daunting circumstances, I was thrilled to discover an absence of cynicism and mockery. In matter-of-fact fashion, he only discussed his course of responsibility and action.


I shared my observation with him. His reply revealed a glimpse of an achiever, someone who can more quickly activate the potential within moments: “If I’m going to preach that we have to have an ‘ownership mentality’ around here, then I’d better model it. Besides, if I have an ownership mentality, and I complain about things, I’m only criticizing myself.”


Accountability and complaining rarely make good bedfellows. In addition, only one calls those around you to a higher, inspired level of action.


What will your team hear more of from you today?


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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