Most people don’t care about your story. All the details about how difficult things are, the pressures you’re under, how some idiot made a mistake and cost you time, or about the care you have to provide your aging parents, the sibling who’s got a substance abuse problem and the fact that you didn’t sleep again last night – nobody is waiting in line to hear your tale.

Or, perhaps people do care, and the greater truth is that they’re just a bit more focused on telling their own story to be too concerned about yours.

Which is precisely why it’s so simple to demonstrate an act of leadership that separates you from the crowd. Hearing another person’s story is the act of communicating “you matter.” And in the act of ensuring others matter, you matter more. Which means you shape a grander, more eloquent narrative from which we all operate.

What’s your story?

I’ll Bring My Best If You Bring Your Best At Work

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