Nothing beats momentum. When the thrust of energy moving forward is strong, obstacles become smaller and inconsequential. What percentage of time does your team feel like it can achieve anything? Increasing the “momentum percentage” is a top leadership priority.

Yet, guess what approach too many people bring to business?

Here’s the elephant in the office: Some people try to build momentum by focusing on momentum-killers, such as problems, what’s not working, and blame. This approach is rationalized because “the facts must be looked at clearly.”

But why position facts so they drag like anchors on progress?


A friend shares, “It’s crazy. I’ve got people around me who point out all the places we’re successful, all the things we’re doing well. But I’ve always felt I had to sit on the “reality train” and focus on where we’re coming up short. I realize I can do a lot better job of looking at the same facts, but in a way that builds momentum.”

Every person reading this blog knows that perspective is reality. Yet, why wouldn’t one choose a perspective that creates a healthy, more productive reality?

A Cincinnati company is building the population of leaders within their organization who can address reality in a way that builds the belief (and capabilities) that they can achieve even more. This naturally leads to achieving more! They just landed the largest contract in their history and are now more strategically positioned in the market than ever before.

Even though they’re dealing with the same economic facts as their competitors, their reality is different. They are mastering their focus, which means they’re mastering their perspective.

What sort of momentum do you and your team have right now? What train are you riding?

Where will you lead – where will you stomp elephants – today?

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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