Transparency doesn’t work if it’s something we want only when we personally benefit from it occurring. It’s the same with collaboration or a one-team approach. These can’t be traits we fight for merely when circumstances of selfish agendas prompt us to do so.

The idea of including people only when they think and act and say what we do is not inclusion. The people that get this right do what’s right even when the reward for doing so can’t be quantified by a number on a spreadsheet. For them, success isn’t measured that way.

Values are only values when we are unconditional in the insistence that they be realized. Values are degraded to manipulative props when we advocate for them only in circumstances that bring us favor.

The font in this blog is intentionally struck through to remind us: Are our values conditional or not?

All-in means all the time. Those who know this . . . keep showing us the way.

[Thank you, SG.]



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