Are You Confident in Your LeadersEven though we’re well into the 21st century, the idea of the leader as “the holder of absolute and infinite wisdom” clings like Velcro to the concept of leadership. But there’s hope: If the leader of the macho, rough and tough NFL (National Football League, US) can say they made the wrong decision and admit they are learning, certainly other leaders can as well.


We want our leaders to be confident – but of what? When we insist they be certain that their perspectives and ideas are “truth,” and they won’t bend from everything they “know,” we can only fail. What we seek, rather, is demonstrated confidence from our leaders that we can and will succeed. And to get there, we are all going to have to learn a few things.


As leaders, when we are transparent that we’re not a know-it-all, we increase our ability to facilitate that which must become known. From this process we earn authority, a willingness from others to be influenced.


If you work for someone who isn’t providing cues that they’re learning and determined to improve their leadership, be concerned. Your intuition is right: If they aren’t getting better – how can the team do so?


Update: On September 8, 2014 the NFL indefinitely suspended and the Baltimore Ravens released Ray Rice.

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