There’s always conflict: between the way life is – and the way we want it to be. When we fail to navigate the tension between these two positions, we:

  • suppress emotions
  • reveal our weakness in our words
  • become a victim and blame others or the circumstances
  • break our integrity and model behaviors inconsistent with our values.

Those who embrace the gap between the circumstances in their life and the vision they have for the future:

  • See the value in this moment (and the next)
  • Are at peace with what is now
  • Possess an evidence-based optimism
  • Act with purpose when unpredictable moments present themselves.

The essence of leadership is to see what could, should or will be – then prepare others to successfully get there. 2020, however, has been the year of the gap: The chasm between what we all thought would be – and what is – seems to grow daily.

How effectively is your team navigating the gap conflict? If you fail in the errand of supporting them, the gap in 2020 will extend far into 2021.

You can lead your team through this conflict: empathy and listening are the bridge.

Chasms are best crossed with others.

Hat tip: D.O.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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