It’s a silent challenge facing everyone: People don’t want people to change – they just want their results to change. Which is impossible, of course. How can I deliver something different if I don’t think and lead different?

The alcoholic knows this paradigm well. His friends expect him to drink. His routine is set up for him to drink. His habits require that he drink. And yet, drinking is destroying him.


For a second, substitute any behavior – any habit – in the place of alcohol. (Though we don’t want to minimize the addictive qualities of the drug.) And consider any person you’ve worked with for a long time.


A)     Would your team…be shocked if a peer began to try new approaches to their life and leadership? (And fire off on-liner jokes at their expense? “C’mon,” they rationalize. “We’ve seen this before. You are who you are. We know you. Don’t go trying to change (because then you’ll make me look bad). But remember, we want better results.”)


B)      Would your team…even care? Would your team even notice if someone deliberately and methodically began to evolve their approach to their work, their life? (“Hey, I mind my own business, you mind yours. Just don’t let me catch you slacking off.”)


C)      Would your team……embrace the differences and fight for the person’s success?


Have you outgrown your identity? Are you restrained in your ability to do more, be more, experience more, serve more, because of who people believe you are? (Because of who you believe you are?)


We’re experiencing this – and we’re going for it. The brand Pathways to Leadership® has become so strong that we must take extra steps to preserve it. And, because we are doing so much more for the world than just Pathways, we can no longer be confined by it serving as both our flagship process name and our company name. We’re evolving how we think about ourselves. (Check out verusglobal.dublinblue.net and let us know what you think.)


Ask your team: To deliver better results, are we willing to evolve – even change – who we are?



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