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Abraham Lincoln said, “. . . if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” As our world plunges deeper into violence and division, the temptation is to believe that, as a whole, we are a people of smaller character.
This is simply not true. And, the reason why starts with you.
Regardless of your role or level of authority, in those moments of the day when you have power – when you choose to use it for people instead of over people, you provide the world with greater evidence for optimism.
“Increasingly, we’re understanding that leadership has less to do with power, and more to do with responsibility,” says the timeless Frances Hesselbein. Our challenge: If we keep focusing on those who shirk this responsibility, who demonstrate a flawed character by using their power over people, we perpetuate a belief that we are without virtue.
We are virtuous. And it begins and ends with you.
Are you powerful enough to overcome the temptation to use your power for yourself? By answering yes, you further entrench yourself in a focus – and actions – we need to pass the test of our times.
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