After a recent keynote two individuals stated, “The only way you can change the work culture is if the top leaders drive it. There’s no reason for us to try – we’d just be spinning our wheels.”


These two have invested 28 and 33 years at their respective companies. “I hate my job. I hide in my cubicle hoping they leave me alone.” The other concurred: “‘Just stay under the radar’ is what I tell everyone.”


My heart broke…




…because these two people missed the point: we’re talking about their lives. Most of our waking hours are spent working. Why hate most of the hours of your life?


Additionally, people who blame others are broadcasting to the world, “I’m not capable. I don’t have the means to make choices that will allow me to create a satisfying experience.”





There is a good chance that the two individuals above do work for “sadistic, greedy tyrants”. And equally true is that no one is forcing these two to labor in such a sorry camp. They basically have three choices:


1. Bitch and moan – and forfeit the majority of the hours in this beautiful thing called life;

2. Quit – and discover elsewhere that happiness is not a function of circumstances;

3. Regain control by approaching their work as the teacher it is: providing the lessons needed to create and experience satisfaction.


A message to all of us: these two people are doing their best. Is it possible they aren’t aware that they have a choice? How do we help them wake up without making them feel “wrong”? How do we learn from their experience to better our own?


Are you satisfied?


What is the difference between what “might be” and what “can be”?  You decide.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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