5 ways to know if you are the reason why your team isn’t performing at higher levels:


– You feel misunderstood – and you felt this way in high school, too. (In other words, a pattern of a victim mentality exists.)

– You think you have nothing to do with the reasons why the team is struggling. (Hear those sirens? That’s the awareness police coming to get you.)

– You can’t resist demonstrating your skills of omnipresence, regularly casting judgment on peers.

– You’re open to feedback, as long as you agree with it.

– Being “open minded” means that you’ll always listen to others’ ideas on how to make your objectives happen faster.


More important, should your team be delivering high performance, you may be the reason if:


– You fight for the success of teammates as much as you work for your own.

– You insist you have much to learn, and demonstrate that by asking lots of questions.

– You’re less concerned with what others think of you, and prefer focusing on the team’s purpose.

– You believe those around you have tremendous potential, and seek ways to activate the possibilities.


You are the reason things happen. Are things happening in ways that align with who you know you can be?


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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