The conversation that ignited the insight went like this:

Leader: “Something is wrong with Jill. At one point she was high-potential. But now she’s disengaged – perhaps even a flight risk. Would you speak with her?”

Me: “Sure. But first, let me ask you: When is Jill most ‘alive’ or energized during the day?”

Leader, after some thought: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Have you ever asked her?”

Leader: “No. That’s too personal.”

Me to myself: This isn’t a Jill problem. This is a leadership opportunity.

Me to Leader: “You’re right – an employee’s decision to engage is a personal one. And because the leader’s priority is to create an engaged workforce, it is your responsibility to facilitate Jill’s engagement.”

Later that week:

Leader, to Jill: “What aspect of your work most inspires or fulfills you?”

Jill: “When I get to innovate and design solutions with colleagues!”

Me: “How often do you get to do that each week?”

Jill: “Hardly ever.”

Leader: Resisting the temptation to ask, ‘why not?’ instead asks: “What can we do right now to create more opportunities for you to do this sort of work more frequently?”

With that, one more employee:

  • was heard
  • included
  • honored
  • retained
  • and became anchored in more meaningful work.

Do you know what work most fulfills the members of your team? (Do you know what work most fulfills you?)

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