The future is nothing but opportunities. The answer to what tomorrow holds is created. And, as e.e. cummings reminds us, “Always the beautiful answer (tomorrow) who asks a more beautiful question (today).”


Here are a dozen Identity Questions to ensure we move from a default vision of ourselves and craft a more beautiful identity moving forward:
  1. What are some of your proudest accomplishments in the position you’re leaving?
  2. How did you grow as a leader in the past that will serve you in your next role?
And how will you ensure you leverage this identified wisdom?
  3. What values do you live and lead from that make an important difference?
  4.If you went back in time and began your former job now, what would you do more of,
better, or differently?
  5. How will you apply what you identified in #4 as you move forward? What difference
will that make?
  6. What are qualities you want to express more of in your next step as a leader?
And why are those important?
  7. What makes your heart happiest? And what will you do to ensure your new responsibilities
are aligned with these elements?
  8. What inspires you as a leader? And how will you keep that consistently in front of you?
  9. What life and leadership experiences do you want to have more of in your new position?
10. How do you want to be known and perceived by others? And in what ways is that consistent
with who you are naturally?
11. How will you intentionally stretch in your new position to ensure that you grow as a leader?
12. What’s your plan to make certain you deliver on your targeted growth identified in #11?


What’s Possible?
My mother is a tremendous inspiration to many people. She’s a lifelong learner: At age 78 she continues to study and develop herself. She did the same when I was a kid. I laugh as I realize that she didn’t devote herself to “continuous improvement” so she could be the best mom in the neighborhood. She leverages every interaction and moment for the pure joy of discovery, of realizing something new and powerful that takes her beyond the limits of yesterday.


Who will you be a year from now? This transition – today – sets the fertile ground for that discovery.


This Leadership Post is an excerpt from our recently released “A Change for the Better: 10½ Ways to Transition to Excellence in Your New Position” by Craig Ross. Download the full version (with 10.5 ways to transition with excellence) here (and share it with other leaders).



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Activate Your Greatness.

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