Let’s get real: Everyone says their people are their greatest asset. (Sorry to disappoint you, boss, but the line doesn’t inspire us anymore.) What we need to ask our employer is: What sort of asset are your people?

There are those who, if they tell the truth, will answer this way: Our people are the muscle of the company, and with their hands, we get great work done.

Such leaders who believe this are easy to spot: They’re convinced they’re smarter than the rest of us. They spend most of their time in meetings talking and telling others what to do. They have the answers, the ideas, the vision and plan, and those who work for them need merely show up with their hands ready to do the work.

There are more effective leaders, however. They’ll answer your question this way: Our people are brilliant, and with their hearts we do things beyond what I even imagined.

These leaders are easy to spot, too: They facilitate and bring forth the inspired wisdom of those they lead. And they do so by asking questions – questions that mobilize hearts and minds by tapping into purpose, vision, and motivations.

Everyone says their people are their greatest asset. Make sure you check on what type of asset they’re talking about.

What sort of asset are your people?

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