There are two types of people. There is only one you want on your team when the pressures mount.

There are those who only believe the plan forward will succeed if they can see the path forward. These team members sit on their island, waiting for someone to prove to them that everything will be safe and success certain. These people flourish in cultures that have a consensus-style approach to decision making.

The I-don’t-believe-it-until-I-see-it teammates think they are saving the rest of us from failure and harm. Regrettably, because they do not believe, their contributions to the plan’s success are minimal. This results in the demise of the plan.

And provides them with the opportunity to say, “See. I saved you.”

Human beings have the unique ability to collect evidence to support whatever they want to believe.

This is why the other type of teammate is so valuable: Those who choose to believe even when they can’t see the path forward, drive the greatest value within organizations – especially now.

The believers among us have a unique skill: They know that even if the plan fails, because they believed they will provide an effort that brings forth collateral value – new insights, credibility and momentum.

Which is precisely what we need to ultimately succeed.

What you believe (will the plan work?) is not as important as the act of believing (at a minimum, by believing, we’ll create a path forward).

To all the believers: It may be dark now, but the winds of prevailing pessimism will eventually break. And when it does, when a new day dawns and optimism returns, it will be because of the work you are doing now: leading us forward.

Thank you.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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