• When it’s the day to rejoice, we do.
  • When the calendar says it’s time to be at peace and live in harmony, we do.
  • When asked to give to those who have experienced heartache, we do.
  • When there’s a cake with candles, we sing songs wishing others happiness.
  • When our community is threatened, we put aside our differences and come together.

Despite what some want us to believe, there’s ample evidence that we are, in fact, good people. True, we can improve our consistency by not allowing the calendar to determine the quality of our character. We all understand that.

It’s important to remind ourselves, however, that people rarely change their behaviors when they’re feeling bad about who they are. Feeling bad, believing we’re wicked or morally corrupt, destroys confidence and sets a darker future because our badness is all we can see.

Feeling good, knowing that we possess goodness, elevates the vision we have of ourselves. It leads us to opportunities to be more of who we know we are. And enables us to be more virtuous regardless of what the calendar says.

A better future rests on the shoulders of those who understand this.

It’s a privilege being on this journey with you. Thank you for reading this space. And may you experience goodness during this Holiday Season at levels that make you see a better world.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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