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You’re not alone if you’ve entered a coffee shop or hardware store and been helped by a part-time employee in their fifties – then considered yourself fortunate you don’t have to work a second job to make ends meet.


Our beliefs, however, define us more than they define others.


Recently I teamed with a leader who’s accomplished just about everything you and I could dream of in a career. When I asked him what his vision for his future was he smiled and answered: “I’m looking forward to serving people in another way.”


How so?


“I want to be that guy in aisle 13 at a hardware store who helps make your weekend perfect because he’s as creative as you.”


I grinned at the corporate executive. He knew what I was thinking.


“People will have no idea,” he said. “It’s my way of living my values.”


What value is that?


“Your job doesn’t define you.”


What actions will define you today?




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