Beware: Radical Thanksgiving Idea (It Could Change Everything)



Thanksgiving is almost here. This U.S. holiday provides an opportunity to pause and give thanks for the abundance in your life.


As most people know, operating in a state of gratitude is a powerful tool that moves you forward. And, focusing on what you have (such as what’s working, where you have momentum, etc.) significantly increases the chances that you’ll deliver more of the same – because you go toward your focus.


But is it possible too many people are cheating themselves? What happens if “giving thanks” for only the obvious blessings in your life means you’re only doing the easy part – and denying yourself untapped momentum and energy?


Here’s a radical Thanksgiving idea: This year give thanks to those people and events that are currently making your life difficult. This is not a joke. And, it’s not for the faint of heart; superior living and leading often is the result of being willing and able to do what most others can’t or won’t.


Those gifted leaders reading this know that challenges (also known as problems, issues, etc.) are temporary locks on future growth, and it’s your job to break the code so you can move forward. Consider the possibility that the most important step in breaking the code to going to a new level of living and leading is giving thanks for what’s not working in your life.


Yes, this is a radical idea. (Is it really?)


But if it is true that if you want to change things, you have to change how you do things – then such an unusual twist to your Thanksgiving could change everything moving forward – not because it will immediately change the people and events around you; rather, it will change how you feel about everything “wrong” in your life.


Here’s to feeling different this Thanksgiving and creating greater results moving forward.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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