• The transformation we must make…
  • If we just finish the project…
  • When we hit that milestone…
  • It’ll all come together soon…
  • Once we have converted the process, then we can…

It burns people out: The belief that change will occur in tidy episodes, where there are clear beginnings and recognized conclusions. (Our minds crave orderly, predictable events.)

To allow your mind to operate as if change occurs like it did in the 1950’s is to commit yourself to perpetual stress and overwhelm. Your mind wants to pick up one item, check the box, then move to the next item. But this is the year 2021.

You are not your mind. Your mind is yours to use as you choose.

Therefore, you have three choices:

  • Keep thinking that someday you’ll get to the light at the end of the tunnel and then you’ll have arrived.
  • Operate as if the light at the end of the tunnel is actually a taillight of “progress” that you must constantly chase.
  • Or, realize that the tunnel is the illusion.

Change how you see change – and your experience changes.



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