A VP says, “This job will kick you in the (butt) if you’re not careful. It’s relentless. We’re making significant changes and have a ways to go. I’m working 7 days a week. And it just keeps coming.


“I’ve got to tell you, I read Degrees of Strength just in time.”


What do you mean?


“I kept telling everyone that we had to fix everything that was ‘broken.’ And there was a lot that was broken. Because of that, I was creating resistance from everyone who had been a part of the earlier efforts and a burden for the rest of us”


What’s more inspiring: fixing broken things and people – or building and developing?


“Being reminded that it’s impossible to have less than zero of anything we need or in the progress we’re making, I suddenly realized things aren’t broken. Instead, they just aren’t where we need them to be. This move to seeing things as less bad has elevated me from ‘emergency’ mode to ‘urgency’ mode. It lightens the load.”


Can you predict the future for this VP’s team? (It just got upgraded.) He’s now an “Accelerator,” asking questions like those captured in this short video. Because we go toward our focus, potential can now be realized sooner.


What happens if things aren’t as bad as they seem? When we no longer demonize the past and our circumstance we can use the same information to accelerate forward.


What focus will you shift this week to be an Accelerator – and create a greater future?


Your comments are valuable to our entire community, share below so other leaders benefit from your good thoughts.



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