Do you have the guts to find out how good you are? Or do you put off the toughest part of your job (the conversations that require telling the truth or addressing the nasty problem that smells worse every day, etc.), and thus delay discovering your potential?


A friend shared: “If I would do the things I put off, I think I could grow exponentially the enjoyment I get from my job.”

How grossly is this person undermining his potential? What opportunities is he missing as he avoids what’s necessary?

Do people dodge “the tough stuff” because they don’t have the necessary leadership skills – or because they don’t want to be uncomfortable?


I recently took my 10-year-old daughter skiing for the third time. Barely able to navigate the green runs, she declared she wanted to “do those bumpy things.” Cautiously, I coached her as we neared the ominous terrain.

It takes guts to ski the bumps. They’re deep. They’re intimidating. Most people chicken out, and leave the mountain wondering, “What if?”

Within moments of approaching the obstacles, my daughter said, “Let’s go, Daddy!” and she was gone. 30 feet later she crashed, scattering both skis. But instantly, she stuck her head up and declared, “I’m okay!” Then, she snapped in her skis and started down again.

I could only stare and ask, “Am I that courageous?”

Finding out what you’re capable of means PROACTIVELY taking on the toughest parts of your job. Today, where will you assess what needs to be done – and then point your skis towards the bottom of the hill and make it happen?

What is the difference between what “might be” and what “can be”?  You decide.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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